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analysis of complex samples survey data using stata

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Vital Extra learning Center, Nairobi, Kenya

USD 850

Jul 19, 2021 - Jul 23, 2021
08:00 - 16:00

Date Listed: April 03, 2021 (about 1 month ago)

Course Title: Analysis of Complex Samples Survey Data using Stata

Duration: 5 Days

Date: 19/07/2021 - 23/07/2021

Location: Vital Extra Learning Center, Nairobi, Kenya

Cost: $850

 Course Description

Standard courses on statistical analysis assume that survey data arise from a simple random sample of the target population. Little attention is given to characteristics often associated with survey data, including missing data, unequal probabilities of selection, stratified multistage sample designs, and measurement errors. Most standard statistical procedures in software packages commonly used for data analysis do not allow the analyst to take these properties of survey data into account unless specialized survey procedures are used. Failure to do so can have an important impact on the results of all types of analyses, ranging from simple descriptive statistics to estimates of parameters of multivariate models. This course provides an introduction to specialized software procedures that have been developed for the analysis of complex sample survey data including testing for between-group differences in means and proportions, regression analysis, logistic regression and multilevel modeling. We will also consider the consequences of non-response and missing data on survey analysis and methods for dealing with missing data. Specialized procedures for survey data analysis using Stata software will be used to develop course examples and exercises.


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

•    Master useful techniques in survey estimation and inference for complex designs

•    Implement a complex sample survey designs, estimation and inference

•    Work comfortably with multi-stage designs, stratification, cluster sampling, weighting, item missing data, finite population corrections

•    Models sampling error calculations

•    Analyze complex samples data using a variety of regression models

•    Execute advanced analysis techniques such as survival analysis/event history analysis, multiple imputation and multi-level modeling


Who should enroll?

This course is suitable for statistician, data analyst and scientist who want to learn how to analyze data complex samples data using Stata. Basic knowledge on data analysis using Stata is a requirement in this course.


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Why train with us

Vital Extra Learning guarantees our clients:

•    State-of-the-art facilities and training infrastructure

•    Extended tradition of hand-holding during post engagement

•    Service delivery through highly seasoned industry experts.

•    Value for money

Event Date
Start Date: July 19, 2021
End Date: July 23, 2021
Event Time
Start Time: 08:00 AM
End Time: 04:00 PM

Contact Organizer

Name : Vital Extra Learning
Contact No. : +254723586520

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