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Sep 10, 2020 - Sep 10, 2020
20:00 - 21:00

Date Listed: September 10, 2020 (about 2 months ago)

We move y’all!!! You know we don’t play at the AGS Tribe HQ! Leggo. Entrepreneurs and Professionals who want to build their brands, I come bearing gifts.

In this world we live in, the media is powerful, whether it’s social media or mainstream media, it is powerful.... Back in the day, I did so much work, I was part of a team who built about 10 schools in low income communities every year for 5 years straight, we launched countless projects across Nigeria to improve certain sectors, like they were big deals, but I didn’t understand how big they were until I left that role to the outside world. I didn’t understand the strength I had, the ability to multitask, the lives I impacted, so when it was time for me to even try to get another job, I was looking BLANK... why... even with the big big English I was speaking during the interview, they didn’t really believe it because they hadn’t heard about me from anywhere... just the words from my mouth.


Event Date
Start Date: September 10, 2020
End Date: September 10, 2020
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Start Time: 08:00 PM
End Time: 09:00 PM
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