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dr. bethanne kw presents: next level soul-care for sensitives

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This is an online event.


Sep 17, 2021 - Sep 24, 2021
02:00 - 03:15

Date Listed: August 21, 2021 (about 2 months ago)

Dr. BethAnne KW Presents: Next Level Soul-Care for Sensitives

LIVE Online 2-Part Series

Sept. 16th & 23rd 6 pm – 7:15 pm PT

$66 for both Sessions and the Special Bundle!


☀️ Do you sometimes wonder where you end and others begin because you can feel everyone?

☀️ Have you harnessed the depths and breadth of your sensitivity gifts?

☀️ Do you understand how to turn your gifts on and off and how to direct them for your greatest benefit?

☀️ Have you healed your narcissist or energy vampire wounds?

☀️ Do you know how to say no, when people seem to rely on you for everything?

☀️ Have you learned how to clean, clear, and direct with your empath gifts for your soul's journey?


✅ Whether you struggle to balance your sensitivities are healing from relationships with narcissists or energy vampires or desire to live with more peace and joy in the fray of our changing world this is the perfect opportunity to carve out space for your healing and self-development.


✅ Licensed Psychologist and Intuitive Channel Dr. BethAnne blends science spirituality and multidimensional wisdom so you will enjoy impeccable guidance to the most compassionate wisdom deeply healing energies and experienced leadership to further your journey into wholeness intuitive intelligence and courageous living.


We will:

✨ Learn how to step out of the pattern of energetic overwhelm and taking on other’s energy

✨ Explore how our core beliefs drive our boundaries and shift to an empowered space of discernment and wisdom

✨ Learn how to become the energetic gatekeepers of all of your experiences

✨ Explore the paradigm shift that sensitives are being invited to make at this time tap into your unique sensitivity gifts and understand how sensitives are vital way-showers and trailblazers in our world at this time


Here’s what your heart mind and spirit can expect to receive…

Insights perspectives and healing tools that support your sensitive soul:


⭐ Understand how to protect your sacred eco-system of self

⭐ Increase grace and trust in your process and experience of self

⭐ Understand the exchange between narcissists and empaths and how to heal

⭐ Learn to see your sensitivity as your greatest gift

⭐ Guided meditations and heart-based activations for healing and harnessing personal power

⭐ A safe space for questions answers and dialogue

⭐ Teaching wisdom presented with sensitivity experience compassion and care


Registration includes the 2-part LIVE online sessions (75 minutes each) and 3+ hours of channeled audio support on cutting-edge topics to empower our gifts.


Questions? Please email Service@SundanceOnSuccess.com


 About Dr. BethAnne KW ~ Licensed Psychologist Award-Winning Author Psychic Psychologist Master Teacher:


Dr. BethAnne K.W. (BethAnne Kapansky Wright PsyD LP) is deeply passionate about inspiring authentic change in others. As a Spiritual Psychologist Intuitive Channel Author Master Teacher and Artist she blends the worlds of psychology (science)and spirit to offer dynamic teaching on personal transformation and personal development.


Dr. BethAnne’s life underwent a profound change after her brother’s abrupt and sudden death in 2016. Her traumatic loss resulted in a parting gift that of extraordinary intuition and psychic abilities. She is known as the Psychic Psychologist.


Through her unique healing gifts of word magic multidimensional wisdom and heart-based transmissions and as an award-winning author on grief Dr. BethAnne provides answers and guidance blended from her therapeutic background to the higher spiritual perspective to people’s life challenges and questions. Individuals can then understand their soul language needs and purpose while transforming blocks anxiety trauma fears and loss.


Dr. BethAnne provides consultations to Corporate C-Suite members business owners healers and those focused on personal or leadership growth to ask the right questions and understand the depths and all aspects of the answers to move them forward to heal grow expand and enjoy enduring personal power and mastery freedom and joy.


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Start Date: September 17, 2021
End Date: September 24, 2021
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End Time: 03:15 AM
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