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fireside chat + workshop : how to be your startup's cfo by sogal

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Jul 28, 2021 - Jul 24, 2021
12:00 - 13:00

Date Listed: July 23, 2021 (about 2 months ago)

The financial aspect of running a business can be complex and time-consuming, particularly for founders and business owners without a finance background. Join three-time founder and CTO of Pilot Jessica McKellar to discuss how to tackle bookkeeping for your startup and the best ways to set yourself up for financial success.

Jessica will cover:

  • Fundamentals to master; including financial hygiene, KPIs, and budgeting
  • Specific, actionable steps you can take to strengthen your business
  • How do you know when to make your first full time dedicated finance hire?
  • How do bootstrapped company finances differ [from VC-backed companies]
  • What’s the right way for a founder to put personal money into the business?
  • When to & why to use accrual accounting
  • And any question you'd like to ask her!

About the Speaker

Jessica McKellar (CTO and co-founder, Pilot)

Jessica is a co-founder and the CTO of Pilot. She has worked with the same founding team for 10 years, through three startups and two acquisitions (the first by Oracle, and the second by Dropbox). When she’s not working on Pilot, she’s working on criminal justice reform initiatives and diversity and inclusion initiatives in the Python community.


Pilot specializes in bookkeeping, tax prep, and CFO services for high-growth startups, ranging from pre-seed to Series C. When you work with Pilot, you get the expertise of a finance team that takes the work off your plate - so you can focus on your business.

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Start Date: July 28, 2021
End Date: July 24, 2021
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Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 01:00 PM
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