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help yourself to happiness: reset your life in 9 weeks

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Sep 22, 2021 - Nov 17, 2021
11:30 - 13:30

Date Listed: August 30, 2021 (about 2 months ago)

This course could be the beginning of a whole new life for you!

Give Birth To Your Future Self

If you’d love to raise the bar in your life, clean up your mental attitude, and make big (scary!) changes in your health, career, or relationships, join Dr Kamila Hortynska to learn the essential tools you need to radically transform your mindset and become the person you want to be.

In this 9-week course, you’ll discover powerful healing tools to get yourself back on track, stop postponing your happiness, and let yourself feel good.

We’ll go way beyond simple self-help!

The practices in this course are specifically designed to support you to:

  • Become someone everyone wants to be around 
  • Stop judging and criticizing yourself (and instead learn to love yourself, flaws and all)
  • Increase your focus, energy, and motivation 
  • Upgrade your health, because you know you’re worth looking after
  • Trust your intuition to make important decisions about the things you need to change
  • Get the clarity and tools you need to create a new path in life 
  • Learn how to effectively self-soothe and relieve stress whenever you need it most
  • Create a nourishing self-care routine to keep your vibration high
  • Feel totally supported, like the Universe is looking after you!

Who is is suitable for?

This 9-week course is open to anyone who feels called to join.

All levels of experience are welcome, including absolute beginners!

This course is for you if you’re ready to make a real commitment to your well-being and personal growth.

I will teach you incredibly potent transformation techniques, but to see the best results you will need to become your #1 priority and do the practices.

What you'll get?

  • 5 x 2 hour live sessions and 4 x 1h consolidation & practice meetings, (both via Zoom), on Wednesdays 7.30-9.30pm and 7.30-8.30pm on alternating weeks
  • Session handouts plus optional extra resources to expand your growth & healing
  • 15 different Tools For Transformation (TFTs), including meditations, consciousness journeys, and reflective writing practices
  • Access to a private support group & a 50% discount on my weekend meditation retreat to continue your transformational journey

What to Expect?

In this course, you’ll see how to maintain a sense of trust and faith in yourself (no matter what’s going on around you) with tools underpinned by both science and spirituality.

You’ll learn simple but profound skills you can use on a daily basis, including approaches informed by meditative traditions, visualisation, cognitive behavioural therapy, and spirituality.

On alternating weeks you'll have access to an optional recap & review zoom meeting. So you'll have 2 weeks to learn & practice new skills before the new material is shared.

Here’s a ‘snapshot’ of what we’ll cover:

Session 1: Preparing for Growth. To get your mind, body, and spirit in the right place, you’ll set intentions, create your compelling vision, work with powerful meditation techniques, activate your energy body, and set your nervous system up for success.

Session 2: Rewiring your Brain. You’ll transform your mind by harnessing the power of neuroscience and visualisation! This week, you’ll also let go of limiting beliefs, see how to use the energetic vibration of positive emotions, and cultivate a deep sense of gratitude.

Session 3: Transforming difficult Emotions. This week, you’ll explore how to connect with your inner child, learn self-soothing techniques you can use whenever you need them, explore different layers of consciousness, and practice changing your energy field to facilitate your growth. 

Session 4: Raising your Vibration. You’ll start carving a path to your dream life by discovering the secrets of manifesting embedded in quantum physics, use neuroscience and positive psychology to generate an ‘upward spiral’, create the vibration of positive emotions, and reflect on your progress so far. 

Session 5: Supercharging Self-Care. Time to meet your future self! This week you’ll unlock your true potential and solidify your learning with core principles to transform your body and health. You’ll put everything together and establish a supercharged self-care routine you can use every day.


*** IT'S TIME TO LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS *** — with the support of myself, your coursemates, and the Universe!


What Previous Participants Have Said

“This course has been a transformative experience, a 10/10. I knew mindfulness, but not meditation, which I didn't really get until now. The principles taught were easy to do and they hold an incredible power. I feel so different now, more confident, calmer and happier. I have lots of things I'm going to try in the future and a handful of things I'm doing most days already. I am living in the moment & choosing happiness. I feel my self-identity has re-emerged. I also feel I'm back in touch with my intuition very strongly. It's not only benefitted me, but also my family and others in my life because I'm calmer, and much happier.

I've stopped prioritising all the mundane, energy sapping stuff. The house work still gets done, but I'm living a life that means I have time to do the things that bring me joy, following my own path, sunbathing, gardening, visiting places, meditating, events & trips out. I don't feel selfish or anxious about doing that anymore either.

The biggest consequence of taking this course for me is living an authentic life & happy life. Nothing drastic on the surface, just loving my husband and children, but living in a different way. Lots more talking and togetherness, more laughter and connection. More living..

I've learned that meditation is easy to learn and hugely powerful. I really needed reminding that I was entitled to be happy and that this could be achieved without anything drastic changing. It was and is about me and how I am inside. I stopped feeling trapped and began to feel empowered, then the good stuff just started happening.

I went into this with an open mind, but was truly blown away by the content and the outcome for me. I would love to do a second level to this!”

- Lisa

“I give this course top marks! The quality of teaching is superb and the resources are exceptional and relevant. It is an inclusive environment which fosters the curiosity and deepens knowledge. I found it not just informative, but also transformational in the way I now think, react and connect with others.

Over the five weeks I found techniques which I could put into practice throughout daily life and see positive results from. My thoughts and responses have changed. I am able to reflect on things more readily and see past fleeting emotions to gain a more holistic appraisal of my situations. I am able to build in structured time, to allow myself 'me time' where I can meditate and use guided writing practices on a daily basis. I feel more driven to follow what 'feels right' and to take a moment to check in with myself and ask if my responses and choices are right for me, rather than reactive. Since taking the course I am meditating, journaling, reading around the topics, reflecting, visualising, breathing, being mindful and feeling happier!!! I stopped reacting so emotionally to inflamed situations and taking so long to get over emotional trauma. The biggest revelation for me was to realise that happiness is within me not in my environment! and that writing things down makes a massive difference.

My advice to a future participant of this course is: Take the chance and enter with an open mind. Everyone takes something different from each session and your experience will be right for you. This can change your life if you want it to, but it is only you who can make that change!”

- Lucy

How To Join

Once you pay you will automatically receive a link to an intake questionnaire to complete your booking and the Zoom link to join the course.

On the day, please join 15 minutes before the session is due to begin to make sure we can start on time.

Don’t forget to add the event to your calendar!

If you have any questions, please contact Kamila directly at

Event Date
Start Date: September 22, 2021
End Date: November 17, 2021
Event Time
Start Time: 11:30 AM
End Time: 01:30 PM
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Ticket Online
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Contact Organizer

Name : Dr Kamila Hortynska
Contact No. : +44 7896 969242

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