professional diploma in social media marketing - facebook, twitter, instagram sales & multi-channel marketing

  • Professional-Diploma-In-Social-Media-Marketing-Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-Sales-Multi-Channel-Marketing

Venue: Ikoyi, Lagos

Norman Williams, Ikoyi

₦ 20,000

Oct 27, 2018 - Oct 27, 2018
09:10 - 05:10

Date Listed: October 05, 2018 (about 8 months ago)

Never doubt the power of social media, you either growing your business and generating revenue or you are just another consumer of content and a part of the statistics. Have you ever had someone from social media pay for your product or service? How was the feeling? Knowing that someone from somewhere finds your product or service relevant and worthy enough to be paid for?

For over 4-5 years our business has been built on relationships nurtured and generated via the digital media especially through social networks.


If your business is based on friends and referals and cannot generate its own clients/customers independently especially through one of the most powerful channels which is social media, in the next few months/years, you will be completely out of business or bankrupt! This is a fact!


Discover and learn the right skills and strategies to growing your business and generating new clients/sales through social media. This social media marketing class covers everything you need to know and can be role-tailored to exactly what will work for your own business!


At the end of this intensive training on social media, participants are expected to be fully covered on all aspects of social media. Some of the modules covered includes but not limited to:

  • Introduction To The Course & Understanding The Social Media Space
  • Social Media Statistics & Intelligence
  • Understanding Different Social Media Channels – Starter Guide Full Kit
  • Social Media Branding, Channel Set Up, Integration
  • Social Media Content – Marketing & Planning
  • The Top Social Media Channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Everything You Need To Know
  • Understanding Social Media Engagement & Getting Traffic To Your Business
  • Blogging, Creating Your Online Presence & Finding Your Voice
  • Strategic Approach To Social Media - The Do's & Don'ts
  • Social Media Advertising & How To Run Successful Campaigns
  • Top Social Media Tools For Planning & Managing Your Social Media Channels
  • Social Media Automation & Advanced Marketing Guide

At The End Of The Training, Participants Also Get:

  • 168Hrs/30 Days Of After-Training Support
  • Certificates Will Be Issued To All Participants
  • Letter of Recommendation for Internship (signed by the Webkraft Academy Mgt)
  • 100+ E-Commerce Layouts (Fashion, Electronics, Food, Furniture & More)
  • 50+ Premium Wordpress Themes
  • Premium Industry Reports & Templates
  • Exclusive Social Media Industry Reports
  • Discounts Off Next Training Programs
  • Premium Access To Online Training Resources For Free
  • Digital Media Property Audit & Analysis
  • Reporting Templates & Other Business Documentations

Who Should Attend:

This course is openly available to professionals and individuals who wish to learn more about social media marketing.



Event Date
Start Date: October 27, 2018
End Date: October 27, 2018
Event Time
Start Time: 09:10 AM
End Time: 05:10 AM
Event Link
Ticket Online
Ticket Link:

Contact Organizer

Name : Olanrewaju Said
Contact No. : 08175446717

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